Can Urban Forest Save The World?

It is very painful and amusing too that how selfish human beings are changing the earth in devastating ways.

They even now changing and molding the definitions according to their suitability. The sentence itself “Urban forest can save the world” is doubtful.

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I want to ask a question. What is meant by “saving the world”.

It feels like now we are feeling incapable of saving our earth and taking the leniency by using words like urban forest to harm it more. Urban forest are a collection of trees that grow within city. And we are expecting that these bunch of woody plants can save us. I feel like we are so naïve in our understanding of nature.

We need forest and not bunch of trees. We need animals in those forests. It is this term “Urban Forest” is just looks as a concipiracy to get leniency to build more cities aand excuse to imbalance the ecological pyramid.


I am sure of the thing that in urban forest no wild life can survive reason is so obvious. That these urban forests are for the sake of human and not for the sake of wild life.


Day by day our green earth is converting into forest of concrete and it is only the greed of human that making the conditions worse.

Here it is necessary to quote Mahatama Gandhi. He said,” Nature has enough for our need but not enough for our greed.”

We are so mean in our thinking that inspite of finding ways to protect forests and wildlife, we are now finding ways to protect ourself.

But this temporary act of ostrich’s head in sand will be very painful for human. Let’s see what benefits of urban forests are used to be given by many:

  1. They can reduce stress and can benefit urban dwellers.
  2. It can reduce air pollution.
  3. Urban forest will be economical to maintain as public private partnership can be there for maintaining them.

So now I want to ask a question. In all these benefits where we talked about the earth.

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We are not concentrating on the problems like why there is pollution or smog or temperature rise or health issues.

In spite of that we are finding patches to cover up our bad deeds.

Pollution , temperature rise are due to irresponsible and greedy acts. We need to stop them. We need to put a break on cutting forests and pollution. If we carry on these things and relenting on some bunch of trees around our home then we are mistaken.

In this time when because of human acts large forests are not providing to be helpful how can urban small patches of greenery can help?

Think straight and stop your irresponsible behavior. Don’t try to fool yourself. Wake up.


It’s you who is the culprit; it’s you who has to change. Change now or be prepared with more worthless techniques to fool yourself.

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