District Una History ,Geography And Culture For HPPSC Exam Preparation

HPPSC Exam i.e For Allied Subordinate , HAS and other exam  we are providing short notes. In this part we are providing the information about the geography, history and culture of Una, Himachal Pradesh.

By these details we can easily solve MCQ’s of Himachal Pradesh related questions.

Una MCQ about himachal


Tehsils of Una district are

  1. Una
  2. Amb
  3. Bangana

Una is divided in two parts by– Swaa River

Ranges of Una:

There are two ranges(Dhars) in Una District

1.Solahsinghi Dhar – It is also called as Jaswa Range in Una.

2.Shivalik Dhar

How Una got its name?

There are three stories regarding naming of Una.

  1. A saint called Kaladhari Baba came from Gurdaspur to live in Una. His follower Sahib Singh Bedi used to preach people and used to say “ Yeh sab unhan di maya hai”. Some people believe that Una got its name from here.
  2. Some people believe that Kaladhari Baba gave his teachings from a hill named as Una Tibba and hence the place named as Una.
  3. Third folktale is that Una means ¾ part and Una hill is deteriorated from three sides.3/4 means poona so the place is called as Una.

History of Una(for hppsc exam)

-Una was called as Kutaihel Riyasat.

-Kutaihel Riyasat was situated on Jaswa Range(Solah Singhi Dhar).

-Kutaihel was smallest Riyasat of Kangra.

-Raja Jaspal established Kutaihel Riyasat.

-According to George Carnis Warnes, who organised the land of kangra , Jaspal came from Muradabad to Una.

-But according to royal certificates of Raja Jaspal he was described as the son of the king of Poona.

-In 1758 Raja Ghamand Chand captured the Chakki part of Kutaihel.

-After that Raja Sansar Chand captured the whole kutaihel under his flagship.

-But after attacking Kangra Gorkhas gave Kutaihel back to its previous kingship.

-In 1809 Kutaihel came under Sikhs.

-In 1825 Sikh attacked the fort of Kotwalbah. King Narayan Pal fought upto his end.

-In 1845 English  defeated  Sikhs.

Languages , Dialects ,Culture and Local Deities of Una

Languages and Dialects of Una








Important points regarding the Culture of Una:

-Women of Una use 72 types of ornamentals.

-On the birth of son people of Una sing songs called “Rann junjhaney”. Which means they will struggle in Battle.

-They also celebrate an event named as “Khirpu sanskara” or Ann Parsasan”. In which they cook pudding of milk and rice.

-People sing songs in marriage name as “Sithniya”. Sithniya are songs containing abuses.

Local Deities of Una-

baba bharbhag singh Una himachal pradesh For hppsc exam

  1. Baba Balak Nath
  2. Sh. Baba jogi Panga
  3. Rudra Nand Baba
  4. Baba Badbhag Singh
  5. Pir Nigaha
  6. Gugga Jaharpir
  7. Jmashani Devi
  8. Kamakhya Devi
  9. Jyouli Devi
  10. Bhadrakali
  11. Phadiya Baba
  12. Sidh Chano

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