Geographical Surnames Or Places Known By Another Name

In this blog we are providing geographical surnames of the world famous places/cities.In following table we are providing names of famous cities and their geographical names. This blog help all job aspirants to  get knowledge some question of competitive exams which is conducted by central government or state government and also help in  increasing General Knowledge.

Bengals Sorrow Damodar River
Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills
City of Palaces Calcutta
China’s Sorrow Hwang Ho
City of Eternal Springs Quito (South America)
City of Seven Hills Rome
City of Skyscrapers New York
Cockpit of Europe Belgium
Dark Continent Africa
Empire City New York
Emerald Isle Ireland
Eternal City Rome
Forbidden City Lhasa
Gift of the Nile Egypt
Gateway of India Bombay
Gate way of Tears Strait of Beb-el-Mandeb Palestine)
Land of perpetual greenness or the Garden of Province of South Africa Natal
George Cross Island Malta
Granite City Aberdeen
Holy Land Jerusalem (Palestine)
Hermit Kingdom Korea
Island of Cloves Zanzibar
Keyto Mediterranean Gibraltar
Land of the Midnight Sun Norway
Land of the Thousand Lakes Finland
Land of the Golden Fleece Australia
Land of Rising Sun Japan
Lana of Morning Calm Korea
Land of Maple Leaf Canada
Land of White Elephant Siam (Thailand)
Land of Thousand Elephants Laos
Land of Thunderbolt Bhutan
Land of Five Rivers Punjab
Manchester of the Orient Osaka (Japan)
Pillars of Hercules Straits of Gibraltar
Playground of  Europe Switzerland
Queen of the Adriatic Venice
Rose-Pink City Jaipur
Roof of the World The Pamirs in Central Asia
Sickman of Europe Turkey
Venice of the North Stockholm
Windy City Chicago
Whitgman’s Grace Guinea (West Coast of Africa)
World’s Loneliest Island Tristan DE Cunha (Mid-At-Lantic)


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