Privacy Policy

Your Privacy rights:

RingToRed collects information of different business houses and individuals by their consent to show it publically and so we want to encourage and guide people to follow privacy practices during opening their account with us or uploading their information. We collect information of various jobseekers also and following a very open pattern for jobseekers to meet job providers. In this scenario some of data can be misused by any individual and we are not able to keep track of that person. But once someone deletes his/her account their information is permanently deleted by our system.

Scope of this policy: 

We collect information of different individuals and this information can be used by different applications of RingToRed. RingToRed is not responsible for the privacy policies of third party or ad networks.

The way we use information: 

RingToRed use information which it collects through RingToRed Google application and website for helping its users in various means. We use information as a directory service and also use it for bridging gap between employers and job seekers. Your information is used by RingToRed for delivering products and services. We can control how people or other people use your data so we encourage not to add sensitive data about you in RingToRed.


RingToRed is not for children under 15 years of age. So please don?t publish any data about you on the website if you do not meet our age restrictions.