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Terms and conditions: This is an agreement between you i.e user and RingToRed enterprise. When you uses any service or media of RingToRed you are bound to these terms and conditions.

The information on RingToRed website or Google App in any form of media is for search and personal use and it should not be used for commercial use. We are under no obligation to monitor the material. RingToRed reserve the right to reject or delete any data without prior notice to its users.

We assume no obligation to protect confidentiality or information provided by you from disclosure and will be free to use ,reproduce and distribute the information to others without restrictions. We are free to use any concept or idea shared on our website. Our terms and conditions and privacy policy kept changing and it's your responsibility to check them regularly. Using our services means you are accepting our terms.

We try our best to provide authentic data but RingToRed has no control over correctness of data. The third party link and external internet sites may be provided within the content. Including such links does not mean any type of advertisement or endorsement of such sites.

RingToRed does not examine or check that the advertisers registered with us are reputable or quality sellers of goods or services. The purchasing of goods or availing of services from advertisers shall be at your own risk.

RingToRed assume that if you are using our application/website or you are our client then you are open to recieve our promotional material by any media i.e by social media,email, text message, voice calls,letter or any promotional media whcih kept on changing from time to time.Moreover we are not responsible for any fault or data deletion due to technical faults or virus or any other reason. In such case advertisers and users will have no right of objection or appeal.